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Payment Methods
Our website's payment gateway and shopping cart system are powered by PayPal. If you have never heard of PayPal, they are the internet's largest and most trusted payment processor. Through PayPal, we are able to accept all major debit and credit card payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Additionally, if you have a valid and current PayPal account you may initiate a purchase through our website using your account balance or linked bank account.

All transactions initiated through PayPal are secured and protected by their sockets layer protocol (SSL), which uses a 168-bit encryption key length. This encryption key is the most advanced level offered on a commercial level, providing unparalleled and ironclad payment processing protection and data security. With regard to data storage, PayPal's servers are physically and electronically protected with security standards and protocols used by the world's leading financial institutions.