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Our first priority is the privacy and security of your information. We operate our business and website with the highest privacy and security standards, allowing you to safely and securely browse our website, communicate with our staff, or initiate a purchase through our online shop. Our staff is thoroughly trained to handle your sensitive personal and billing information. Under no circumstances will we share, rent, lease, sell, or expose any of this information without first receiving your expressed written consent. Our privacy policy guidelines are strictly enforced so that you can have total peace of mind when using our website and any of its related services or features.
We do not collect any personally identifiable information about you when you visit our website. We do, however, operate an industry standard traffic analytics program that records your IP address and your IP location. Our web traffic analytics program also collects data about your browser, operating system (OS), screen settings, as well as information related to your browsing session and the duration of time spent on our site. This non-personally identifiable information is collected and analyzed in order to identify and correct any cross-platform compatibility issues that our website viewers may experience.

The only time that we'll collect personally identifiable information about you is when you contact our customer service staff or initiate a purchase through our website. The information collected may include your first and last name, postal address, email address, phone number, fax number, or other billing details. This information is only collected for communication or transaction processing purposes. By submitting personally identifiable information to our staff you consent to them using this information in accordance with our strict privacy policy guidelines.
Personally identifiable information collected from you is stored on highly advanced and secure data storage servers. These servers are not connected to the internet or any third party network. Access to these servers and their stored data is only granted to our trained customer service staff and administrative personnel. All server maintenance is conducted by in-house technicians, as third-party access is strictly forbidden for any reason. All of our data storage servers are housed in a designated area within our secure company office building.
When making a purchase through our online shop, our customer service staff may use your personally identifiable information to contact you about your specific order. We may also use this information to notify you regarding any website changes or policy updates that affect your order. Additionally, personally identifiable information related to product purchases is also periodically analyzed by our staff so that we can better understand how to improve the overall quality of our product catalog and ecommerce services. This information will never be used for unsolicited marketing purposes unless you have voluntarily signed up to our email subscription list.

Once a purchase has been initiated through our website, your personally identifiable information will be used to confirm that your identity matches the information submitted to our online payment processor. Our staff uses a very strict set of security guidelines to detect and prevent fraudulent orders and suspicious transactions. These strict security guidelines help to ensure that all orders placed through our website are being done so with the explicit consent of the account holder listed within the billing details. Any personally identifiable information associated with unauthorized transactions will be investigated by our staff and local law enforcement officials in accordance with all applicable laws.
Our website utilizes browser cookies. For those of you unfamiliar with browser cookies, they are informational files transferred from our website on to the hard drive of your pc, mac, or mobile device. These files contain information related to your browsing preferences, allowing you to personalize your visit. Browser cookies also save website template and other web elements that would otherwise have to reload each time that you visit a particular page, giving you a much smoother and seamless viewing experience. The vast majority of websites employ browser cookies, as they're widely accepted as a safe and integral facet of a properly developed website.

If you do not wish to receive browser cookies from our site then you may opt out of receiving them. To disable this feature simply enter your browser's preferences menu and then set the option that disallows cookies from being saved on to your hard drive. If you wish to disable browser cookies but are unsure how to do so, then simply refer to your browser's help section or contact the browser's author. While it is totally acceptable for you to disable this feature, please do be aware that browsing our website may be a lot slower and far less seamless than it would be with the browser cookies feature enabled.
We occasionally publish links within our content that redirect you to third party websites that are not affiliated with our company in any way. We post these links strictly as a convenience to our visitors. We do not endorse or guarantee any of the information, products, or services available on these websites, as we do not possess editorial control over them. We highly recommend that you review the privacy policy guidelines that govern each of these third party websites, as their privacy standards may significantly differ from our own.
If you are interested in updating the information that we have on file for you then please contact us at your earliest convenience. This generally applies to customers that have made purchases through our online shop or subscribers to our email list. When requesting a change to the information that we have for you on file, please send our customer service staff an email containing both the old and newly updated information. Once your request is received, your personal or billing information on file will be promptly updated within 5 business days.
We greatly appreciate you taking the time to review our privacy policy guidelines. As any changes or updates to these policies may directly affect your decision to use our website, we do recommend that you periodically review the contents of this page. If you have any questions regarding the policies outlined here or how we use and store your sensitive personal and billing information then please contact our staff for further clarification. We can be reached at your earliest convenience by email. Our staff replies to all inquiries within 1 business day.
Our privacy policy was last updated March 12, 2018. By using our website and its related services and features, you consent to the policies outlined on this web page.