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A non-exclusive tag listed in a product description denotes that a specific product is sold more than once. All of our non-exclusive products are governed by a shared user license, meaning that more than one individual has usage rights to such a product. The non-exclusive product license grants a purchaser unlimited lifetime user rights. This means you may use or publish the product as many times as you desire during your lifetime, however, these products may not be resold. Non-exclusive product licenses are non-transferable. The copyrights to all non-exclusive products are owned exclusively by Digishire.

Non-exclusive products may be used in any of your personal or commercial projects. While we do not allow our products to be resold as stand-alone graphics, you may sell any digital or tangible product that features our graphics such as posters, clothing and apparel, stickers, keychains, calendars, website templates, greeting cards, software programs, textbooks, and much more.